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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WWII US Tank Destroyer Company - Second and Third Colors

After fighting with my airbrush a good portion of the other night, I finally found the problem and corrected that. A cooperative airbrush is so much easier to work with. Tonight I added the Ammo Dark Olive Base and followed that up with the Ammo Light Olive Base. There is an opportunity for a color in between those but I'm following the book and it skips that colors, probably a good idea when working in 15mm. I change the angle of the airbrush between the two colors, shooting from a lower angle with the Dark Olive and a higher angle with the Light Olive in theory this will give a dark to light transition as your eye moves up the vehicle, we will see. I'm may go ahead and use one more lighter shade of olive to provide some edge high lighting (yes, going rogue).

So far I'm very impressed with the Ammo acrylic paints, they mix well in the bottle, and going on nice and smooth. I haven't had to add any thinner to the colors I have used so far. After the highlight I will need to add the decals and I'm up on the air on this one. The decals provided by Battlefront really just include stars and none of the other decals that I like to use. That would delay everything though as I would have to order them and I don't really want to stop now that I'm on a roll. I guess I'll dwell on that a bit.

So tonight's efforts:
Second Color, Olive Drab Dark Base (A,MIG-925)

Third Color, Olive Drab Light Base (A.MIG-927)

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