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Monday, June 22, 2015

WWII US Tank Destroyer Company - Priming and First Coat

I didn't get much done on Sunday except get the jeeps assembled, after that I went out to help a friend cut and lay tile in a bathroom. Or rather I cut and layed the tile and they watched!

Today I made a bit more progress. I mounted the passengers and drivers on blocks of wood to prime them and the rest I just set on the lazy susan in my airbrush booth. 
I'll probably go ahead and paint them right on these blocks as well. Although some of them are a bit closer together than I would like.

I used Vallejo's Grey airbrush primer and layed on a nice even coat.

I let that dry, something I can get away with here, with the first color from the example in the Painting Wargame Tanks book. In this case matt black (A.MIG-046) from Ammo. I gave it a couple of good shakes (it has its own agitator) and was able to pour straight into the cup of my airbrush. This stuff was ready for my airbrush straight out of the bottle and gave a nice smooth layer. The black gave excellent coverage, but that's not usually an issue. I'm letting everything set tonight and I hope to have time to lay the next color on tomorrow (maybe two).
I decided to mount everything on bottle caps to make them easier to handle. I also mounted the turrets separately from the hull.


  1. I'm going to be taking a long break from posting, but I'll pop in to follow this as I want to learn. I may be late getting here, but I'll get here.

    1. I figured it was about time for you to disappear for a while! No worries, it will be here when you get back!