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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hanger 18; Death from Above - Assembly

Started the assembly this evening. Overall it went very well, there are a couple of components that don't fit as well as I would like, so it wasn't a perfect assembly by any means. I used super glue to assemble and Vallejo Plastic Putty to fill gaps. 

Pictures tell a better story than I do:

I decided that this joint was likely to be pretty weak, there is not a lot of surface area on that pin. I pulled out my finest wire (.016) and a #77 drill bit for this one.

All the pieces

Tail fins in place. These won't be going anywhere now.

Glued on the legs, the only significant gaps are on the back of the legs. I probably don't need to bother with gap filling these as you can't see them once she is attached to the bomb.


Gaps on the front. Again I didn't need to fill these but decided to do it right

Putty in place ready for shaping and sanding

Adding the scarf

The head is in place now and the gaps in the scarf have been filled

The right arm is not a good fit.

Everything is in place here. I'm going to have to sculpt some hair up underneath the hat. I'll pull out the green stuff in my next session.


  1. Why sculpt the hair? Isn't she taking the hat off? Or is it just a bad fit?

    1. I'm not sure if its a bad fit or not. She is trying to hold the hat on as the whole thing is falling towards the ground so at least the way mine is fitting there is a gap and the top of her head is flat so it looks a little odd. I don't have to really do sculpting as much as I need to do a suggestion of more hair under the hat than there really is.