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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Review - The Weathering Special; WWI

My interest in WWI has been growing and after completing the Trenchworx Rolls Royce Armored Car I have been looking at taking another swing at my WWI troops. With three Trenchworx FTs on the workbench I decided that I needed a little more research material. Yes, I have plenty but can another "how to" book really hurt? One of my friends directed me
to a special edition of the weathering magazine specific to WWI.

This is a product of Ammo of Mig Jimenez. And yes that is the same Mig Jimenez that started both MiG and AK Interactive. Ammo sells essentially the same products as the other two companies the difference being they have MJ now! Whatever his failngs may be as a business man his modelling and painting skills are fantastic.

The Weathering Magazine is a regular publication and this is their first special issue. The issue starts off with a brief history if the development of the tank and the approaches taken by each of the major combatants. I found this both useful and informative. Definitely take the time to read it. The bulk of the issue focuses on the builds of a French FT, a French St. Chamond and a Britsh Mk IV in German service. Each build features a plenty of step by step pictures and text and explores a variety of techniques. I enjoyed all three builds and I'm itching to get back to the work bench and start work on my FTs. My only really criticism is that the pictures tend to be a bit on the small side and some if the descriptions could have been more detailed.

I would recommend this issue to any tank modeller. The techniques are appropriate to any period. The issue also comes with a small pamphlet titled "The Great War; The First Tanks 1914-1918". This is a camouflage guide featuring the vehicles in British, French and German service. It includes color swatches as well. It is a handy little guide to have on the workbench.

And yes, I realize the pictures are side ways. But I wrote this entire post from my phone. I'll correct them when I have computer access again.


  1. Looks like an excellent resource Kris. I know an awful lot of modelers who would love to have this.

  2. Its definitely one of the better resources I have come across. I have both the FAQ books by Jimenez as well and I think this more concise approach is a lot better. The Fogeworld Masterclass books are good too, but they definitely manage to skip key steps and suffer frim trying to present to much, although they are still excellent resources. The only books that tend to be better are those that are very specific focusing on a single model project or vehicle type.