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Monday, July 20, 2015

A 28mm AWI Care Package from Fife and Drum

I was going through the TMP forum last week and der Alte Fritz had a post showing off some new armed civilian miniatures from the Minden Seven Years War line he stocks along with his own Fife and Drum miniatures. He was offering a deal for militia set #1 featuring the 5 Minden minis along with his own Militia as a package deal. I have wanted to check out Fife and Drum minis and getting a selection from both lines seemed like a good way to go so I sent him and email and, unexpectedly, the minis arrived today. Now that's some seriously prompt service!

I had mentioned that I was just breaking into the period so he also sent me some samples of Fife and Drum British and American infantry and cavalry. Also in the box was a pack of his Spirit of 1776 miniatures.

I'm seriously impressed. I have seen pictures on his website and on the table but there is nothing like seeing a quality miniature in your hand. I had some plastic Perry and Wargame Factory plastic boxes (unbuilt) at my desk and I pulled them out to compare them all. The Fife and Drum matches up very nicely with the Perry Miniature plastics and are a bit short compared to the Wargame Factory plastics. I don't really plan on mixing miniatures within units but its nice to know that you can.

I think I'll clean these up and get some primer on them before hockey tonight. Shouldn't take much time to clean them up, the castings are very clean, very nice. I'll definitely be adding some more Fife and Drum miniatures to my AWI collection!

Minden Miniatures Militia from their Seven Years War range

Fife and Drum Militia

British Samples, 

American Samples

Spirit of 1776, some assembly required

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