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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reaper Miniatures - BONES III - The Sledgehammer

And a fascinating twist on the Reaper BONES III Kickstarter as they just hit their $1,220,000 stretch goal. Up to this point the emphasis has really been fantasy, with a couple of exceptions like the Black Corsairs (now that's some powered armor). This newly revealed stretch goal is fascinating departure from what we have seen to this point. Sculpted by Victoria Lamb and Jake Schneider for Victoria Miniatures under license the "Sledgehammer" may attract quite a crowd of Sci/Fi aficionados especially those fond of the Imperial Guard from GW. I think I'll be in for at least one and maybe more depending on what the final Kickstarter price is. We will know when they hit 1,310,000 million dollars!

The Sledgehammer, might even be able to use this for WWI!

I really like the looks of this powered armor. I might be in for this as well.


  1. That gun is seriously cool, but the crew is amazing. I keep thinking I should pledge for $1 and then get the add-ons I like but that would be quite pricy...

    1. Let me tempt you. I just received an email from Victoria Miniatures, they have jumped the gun a bit. The sledgehammer itself is 29cm long and the kickstarter price is going to be $30. I might get two.

      And you are right the crew is amazing.