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Monday, July 6, 2015

A Cool Kickstarter Project - Pre-Painted Flat Packable Sci-Fi Buildings by Hexagon Mill

I don't push to many Kickstarters but I think this one is worthy of pushing. They have long since reached their funding goal but they are pushing for another stretch goal that will add another design option to your choices.

As evidenced from the title they are pushing the pre-painted and flat packable aspect of the project but looking at the pictures its obvious that the components are modular and durable as well. The ability to flat pack for both storage and transport is a big key to this effort and the two designs that are currently available are wicked, they reach out and say Sci-Fi to me more than anything that 40K has done and your Space Marines will still look at home with these buildings in the background.

While this is a new company the backers have been involved putting together successful kickstarters before so they have the experience to pull this off.

If you are looking to be able to put together that table of building terrain for Infinity or 40K or any other Sci-Fi game I think this is a worthy investment. Here is your handy URL so you can go and do just that!: Hexagon Mill Kickstarter

Seriously, wouldn't you like to do this with your buildings?


  1. Looks pretty good and I hope they do well.

    I did go back and read the next step in the tank painting series. Looking good so far and I am enjoying seeing your review of the product and steps as you go.

    1. The Kickstarter is doing fine, I think they just really want to hit that next stretch goal to unlock another design.

      I'm a bit stymied on my tank project right now as I have managed to lose the Battlefront decals and I can't find my own stash of decals and they are a requirement of the next step! I may have to order some new ones. Arghhhh!