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Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 4th On The Rocks

My Father's Day gift from my sons was tickets to the Blues Traveler concert at Red Rocks on the 4th of July. Blues Traveler has played this date for 21 years now and this was my first time to see them there. It also helped me forget that I have misplaced the decals for the TD company I was working on!

A little bit about the venue because in some ways it doesn't matter who you are seeing there, every band is better on the Rocks. If you have live here and haven't seen a show there, what are you waiting for? Red Rocks is the world's only naturally-occurring and acoustically perfect amphitheater and bands that have played there continue to rave about the experience for years afterwards. Flanked by 300 foot sandstone rocks of the Morrison formation Red Rocks seats about 10,000 and that's why sometimes the famous bands only get to play there once they have to hit that sweet spot of rising popularity that will let them play in a small venue. As part of the Front Range the amphitheater sits at 6450 feet above sea level and the view out across the Colorado plains towards Denver is fantastic. Especially fun on the Fourth of July as you can see the fireworks shows from all over the area going off.

And the music? Fabulous! It was an awesome show by one of my favorite bands.

These are rain or shine shows and its looking like I might get a little wet. The view is looking south down the Front Range. It did rain a little bit but not enough for me to pull out my jacket.

Looking north towards Red Rocks from the Upper South Parking lot. The walk up to the venue starts near the trees on the right side. And you are walking up in no uncertain terms.

Its mostly general admission and I'm sitting about 2/3rds for the way up. You can just pick out the Denver skyline near the left center of the photo.

The stage. Guster was getting ready to go on when I took this shot.

Obligatory selfie to prove that I was there!

Dusk is falling and they are turning on the lights

This is the North side

And to the South

Shutting down the camera, Blues Traveler is hitting the stage!


  1. Very interesting. We have something similar in Sweden, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalhalla
    but yours is a lot cooler because it is natural...and because it has a nice view, rather than stone and a whole lot of pine trees.

    1. You need to visit so you can make an accurate comparison!