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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another Kickstarter - Reaper Miniatures BONES III - In Search of Mr Bones

The official announcement that Reaper would have a third BONES Kickstarter was made back in April/May at ReaperCon. 

Well today is the day and for those of you interested in cheap plastic minis and even bigger plastic monsters and dragons this is a Kickstarter that you should be checking out. There have been pre-view pictures of some of the minis taken at ReaperCon and the biggest single debut mini, that we know of, is the Not-Tiamat a Five Headed Dragon. Who can resist a five headed dragon?

The Kickstarter went live at 9am this morning and I'm curious to see where its funding level is at the end of Day 1. Reaper is also trying something different this time around and is working with a much shorter time frame 18 days instead of 30 so don't hesitate or you might miss this one.

If you want a BONES III avatar or sig banner you can find those in the second post of this thread in the Reaper forum: Reaper Bones III Avatar

Of course there is a lot of curiosity in how quickly this little project will move along. Hit the initial funding level in about 2 minutes. In the first seven minutes the first two stretch goals were blown away as pledges rocketed up and over the $100,000 mark. It was really moving to fast for me to keep track of. At the end of the first 35 minutes (because I forgot to look at the clock) they were at $253,000 and approx 2500 backers. And at the rapid rate of pledging and the crush on the servers Reaper couldn't get any of its own updates in.

Here's a look at what the project started out with. Its only going to get bigger from here.

The Core Set, which will continue to grow through out the process.

Tre Manor Orcs the first addition to the core set

The first add-on, this was available to purchase at about the 7 minute mark (probably a bit earlier than that)

As for me, my pledge was #30.


  1. I am pretty excited about the whole conversion to Bones (and new figures!), but I do not need a random grab bag of figures since that pretty much describes the contents of my painting desk anyway. So I will wait for these to make it to retail, and pick up the winners.

    It would have been nice for them to finish releasing Bones II figures before getting into Bones III...

    1. There are decided limitations on their ability to get the BONES II minis packaged for retail sale. There are only so many hours in the day and that process can continue while these 18 days fly by, so its not really a disruption on their capabilities. Timing is always an issue with these things and I think they got caught by the delay in receiving the BONES II minis from China this time and needed to get BONES III going to avoid it interfering with ReaperCon 2016.

    2. Yes, it all makes sense, but at the same time there are cool figures that I am not currently able to buy and add to the old lead/plastic mountain...

      and the FLGS is pretty down on Reaper these days in part because of Bones supply issues. Their racks were nearly empty last time I checked, which was annoying because I wanted to pick up a few random figures!

    3. Victims of their own success I guess. Although I'm always skeptical when a store claims supply issues. I worked in the industry long enough to know that its seldom on the manufacturer's end. You should have them contact Reaper directly if they are having supply issues.

    4. Agree, although in that case I just waited until I wanted enough figures to make it worth while to order directly from Reaper.

    5. There is that too! Nothing like a care package from Reaper!