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Friday, July 24, 2015

BONES III - The Search for Mr Bones - Closes Saturday 7/25

This 18 day Kickstarter from Reaper closes down tomorrow (Saturday 7/25). The penultimate piece that has been discussed the Not Tiamat or Tianot was shown off a couple of days ago. Now known as Ma'aldrakar this five headed monster is truly a monster. It dwarfs both Kaladrax (the bone dragon from BONES I) and Dragons Don't Share II (one of two big bad monsters in BONES II). This is truly a monstrous piece and its priced at $60 as an add on option. While some people seem to be upset with that price it was mentioned that retail its probably going to be between $120 - $160. Which at a minimum makes it half price. This stretch goal kicks in at 2.25 million dollars and it looks like they should be able to hit that goal and produce this monstrosity. Really one GM doesn't need a 5 headed dragon sitting on the shelf. It should really help keep the players in line!
Note Sir Forscale down in the lower right corner/ That should give you an idea of how big this thing is. Maal also makes an appearance in at least one of the videos so take a moment and check out all the cool stuff.

BONES III; The Search for Mr Bones

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