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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

AWI Project - First Unit In Progress - Pt II

I was able to squeeze in another painting sessions with the Continentals. I don't know if anyone noticed but I changed my painting sequence a bit this time. Typically I start with the skin tones but in this case I decided to save the skin and the hair for last just to see if it changed how long it takes to finish this unit. I moved on to the coat for this session. Started with Reapers HD Solid Blue, but I'm not sure I really like that color for the base now that I have seen it on the whole unit. I went back in with a wash of Reaper Master Clear Blue with a spot of Solid Blue in it to shift the color a bit. I like that combination a bit better, it doesn't really show up well in the second set of three photos though. Hopefully I can go in with the highlight blue and shift things closer to the way I want them later in the week.

Jacket base coated with HD Solid Blue

Jacket washed with a mix of Clear Blue and Solid Blue.

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