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Friday, March 16, 2018

AWI Project - First Unit In Progress

I had some time to actually break out paints last night and I had all these AWI Continentals ready to go so I decided that I should start on them. I need to get the painting skills back to snuff for my Reaper Con competition entries so I figured doing 32 figures or so should at least restore most of my brush control.  I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far. I finished the pants and waistcoats and started on the coats. Didn't always remember to take pictures of each step but I have a few of them recorded.

I also acquired a new little box of tools from Lowe's a month or so ago. It has a nice x-acto style knife with a thick handle and an interchangeable head for small and large blades. A nice pair of bent nosed tweezers and a bunch of small screwdriver bits. Should come in handy as I contemplate starting to tear apart the 4-6-0 and steal the boiler to go on the 2-8-0 (if I ever manage to acquire one that is).

First AWI unit. Perry plastics to go along with the first four test minis that I finished last year.

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