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Thursday, March 29, 2018

AWI Project - First Unit In Progress - Pt V

I am managing to keep up the progress on the AWI Continentals. I was able to work in another session and finished off the red facings. I then moved on to the white turnbacks and stockings. I based the turnbacks with a light brown (Reaper Leather Brown) and then moved up through an ivory (Reaper HD paint Tusk Ivory) and then to pure white (Reaper again). I also when back in on the waistcoats and brighten those up a bit more. They still look pretty messy but they are starting to come together. Next I'll go in with black and base all the belts, shoes and accouterments.

Finishing the red, Big Top Red with a bit of Fresh Blood Red, both from Reaper.

Skipped the step with the leather brown these shots are after the tusk ivory was added

And then pure white on the stockings, turnbacks and waistcoats.

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