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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

C&N Railroad Project - Approaching the Final Draft

I have mulled over the plan for the Colorado & Northwestern for the past couple of months now and I think I'm pretty happy with the basic configuration. Its time to pull out the big graph paper and really sit down and get started on something closer to a final track plan.

There are a couple of key elements that I want to be sure to be sure to include. First is the wye. Its already an integral part of the plan but at Sunset two of the legs cross the creek (four mile creek I think, I'll have to look that up again) on trestles, so that's a scenic must have feature. The station sat in the center of the wye, again already part of the plan. Oddly enough the water tank was located on the other side of the creek just before crossing over, so that will be a nice detail for that part of the scenic portion of the layout.

I will need to work on the plans for the station. I have tried to duplicate it in the past in HO and the hipped roof just drives me a bit crazy trying to reproduce it. The lack of anyway to get dimensions hinders me a bit too. I will just have to go for "it looks right" and not worry about it so much. There is one surviving C&N station up in Ward. I should just take a trip up there and see if I can get some basic measurements off of that. It doesn't have the hipped roof like Sunset and Salina but I think the dimensions are pretty similar to the one at Sunset.

I have the basic outline for the new draft done, just need to find some time to pull the drafting tools back out and see if I can make it come together again. The key is really making sure that the "T" portion provides enough area to make sure the multitude of tracks that cross the module breaks not going to cause derailments. That certainly has more to do with actual construction than drawing, just something to be aware of.

The basic outline ready for some track to be drawn in. This is drawn at 1/8" = 1" and will also be used to build the model. I'm not sure when time will allow layout construction but I can probably find time to build a concept model.

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