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Thursday, March 22, 2018

AWI Project - First Unit In Progress - Pt III

Progress has slowed down quite a bit. The pants and waistcoats went pretty fast and I finished those in a single session. The jackets took one full session plus part of this one to get done. Its amazing how much extra time it takes to avoid messing up previous paint work! In this third session I was able to finish the jackets and start on the facings. I have the base coat of Big Top red on about half the troops and I'm a bit unhappy with it. I should have picked something a bit darker and maybe used this as the mid tone color instead. I'm thinking of finishing all the minis with this color and then going back in with a wash of red liner to darken everything up a bit. We will see how I feel about it when session IV rolls around (when ever that might be).

Facings always slow the process down, trying hard not to get red on the jacket, the pants and the waistcoat. I'm definitely not used to long painting sessions anymore an hour and a half or two hours is about my limit right now.

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