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Monday, January 9, 2012

Adding to the Reference Library; WWI

I really didn't have much reference material for this period except for a number of Squadron Signal Aircraft Books from our days of playing Blue Max. There were a number of key needs to be filled by these purchases; some kind of guide that could be used for painting, another to provide some idea of how to model the trenches when I get to that part of the project and something to provide a general overall view of the Great War. Of course I was also distracted by the need for something specific to the USMC forces I am building up.

I already owned the following:
Osprey - Battle Orders - The American Expeditionary Forces in World War I
Osprey - Men at Arms - US Marine Corps in World War I 1917-18

And while looking for something else I discovered three more that I had forgot about from last year and I think there is even one more lurking in some dark forgotten corner.
The Somme, The Darkest Hour on the Western Front - Peter Hart
The United States Army Second Division Northwest of Chateau Thierry in World War I - John Thomason (I think I got this one because a friend in the Army claimed that the Marines attacked into Belleau Wood by mistake)
The First World War - John Keegan
1/20/2012 - Found the missing book last night in yet another stack of books in my room:
Miracle at Belleau Wood - Alan Axelrod

Currently on the way:
Osprey - Warrior - US Doughboy 1916 - 19 - Arrived 1/18/2012
Osprey - Fortifications - Fortifications on the Western Front 1914 - 18 - Arrived 1/23/2012
Osprey - Men at Arms - US Army of World War I - Arrived 1/13/2012
Trench; A History of Trench Warfare on the Western Front  by Stephen Bull - Arrived 1/18/2012
Fix Bayonets -by John A Thomason (Yes, I did spell that right) - Arrived 1/9/2012
The Devil Dogs of Bellea Wood; US Marines in WWI by Dick Camp - Arrived 1/9/2012
The Great War: Hell's Last Horror by Neil DeMarco - Arrived 1/10/2012

So a bunch of books actually arrived today including some titles that I forgot I ordered. My extensive collection of books has managed to grow again (and it is extensive I estimated that there are probably 500 books in my bedroom alone, and then there is the library in the basement).

So the unexpected arrivals are:
Osprey - Campaign - Chateau Thierry & Belleau Wood 1918
At Belleau Wood - Robert B Asprey
His Time in Hell; a Texas Marine in France - Warren R Jackson

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