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Monday, January 2, 2012

Genghis Con XXXIII Painting Competition

Coming up in February (16-19) is Genghis Con XXXIII.
Our guest for the Painting Conference and Competition is Marike Reimer, winner of the first Crystal Brush award in 2011.
As before there will be a painting competition hosted by the CMPA (Colorado Miniature Painting Alliance). There are a couple of twists this year. First of all the convention booklet is wrong and the published the wrong overall format. The judging portion is correct but instead of the three categories listed there are really a lot more. I have developed a hybrid competition that combines the open style (chicago judging) with the categories of a podium competition (trophy format, 1st, 2nd, 3rd).
The first step is to judge each category for medals (open judging). Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded as appropriate in each category. This allows us to award as many of each type of medal as we need to the deserving entries. Then we select the "best of" for each category and then those are judged to determine the best of show.
The categories for this year are as follows:
Single Fantasy
Single Science/Fiction
Single Historical/Modern
Single War Machine (vehicles)
Unit; Vehicle
Unit; Infantry, Cavalry
Large Figures/Large Monster
Junior (under 16)
Masterclass (a category for painters that have won a Best of Show Award)

In addition we are having a side painting contest for Battlefront miniatures and Darksword Miniatures. Put your entries in the correct category and we will do the rest.  The best Darksword Miniature will be selected from those entered. The Battlefront Miniatures will have their own competition called the Silver Star.
The Silver Star will be broken into the following categories:
This is strictly for FOW miniatures so WWII, 15mm.
Best Tank Team -  Single armored vehicle (Tank, SPG, AC, not transports
Best Objective Marker - FOW objective marker based on a large base, can be scratchbuilt or from a cast resin piece
Best Gun Team -  A single gun team on a medium or large base
Best Infantry Team -  A single small or medium stand infantry or command team
Best Platoon A - complete platoon (can be any type of combat, weapon or support platoon, must be complete and legal within the rules)
Best of Show

So let's get those brushes moving!

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