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Monday, January 16, 2012

"His Time in Hell: A Texas Marine in France" - Warren R Jackson

I finished this book off on the train ride home on Friday (1/13/2012). Its a very interesting first hand description of life in the Marine Corps during WWI. They believe that Jackson wrote the manuscript in the 20s and it some how found its way into a special collection of American History at the University of Texas in Austin. There it was found by Marine Corps Historian George B Clark who edited it for publication. His editing hand is pretty light so you really are getting the story as told by Warren Jackson. An excellent example of a man that volunteered in the first rush to join the war and his journey through the armistice. This is a great book for getting a feel of what it was like to fight in the Great War, the ceaseless artillery bombardments, the machinegun fire, the hunger and the seemingly endless marching from one spot to another without knowing where you were or why you were there. Jackson may have been unique, he participated in every major action that was fought by the 4th Brigade, 6th Marine Regiment as part of the 2nd US division. I found a used copy at Amazon for a very good price and highly recommend this book.

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