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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The workroom (part 1)

Tonight I managed to use the last of my Christmas money to pick up the shelves and brackets to finish off my workroom in the basement. This used to be my darkroom so the arrangement of power is a bit funky and the light switch is higher than normal so that I wouldn't accidentally turn it on while processing film. It then became a mini library but that didn't work out very well either. I have cleared out the bookcases (just pine ones I knocked together) and put them out in the main basement. The space will be small but not terribly cramped and I should be able to keep all my reference material close at hand and still have storage space for kits, paints and tools. I need to put up the lights before I can really show it off, but getting it finished will be the key to having a productive year for both painting miniatures and working on the railroad.

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