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Friday, January 13, 2012


There are days when I just really miss my dogs and for what ever reason this morning was one those times. They both passed away in 2008 within about six months of each other. Right at the top end of the normal lifespan for Great Pyrenees. Babe was a little on the small side, just under 100 pounds and Porthos was kind of in the middle for a male right around 120 pounds. Babe was the bright one, smart as a whip and as willfully definite about things as a Pyr can be. Porthos, well he lived up to his namesake, strong and lovable but a little slow (you can tell because he would instantly obey commands). I had Babe from puppyhood and Porthos was about 18 months when we rescued him. Pyrs are fantastic dogs much longer lived than other larger breeds and I know there will be another but that time just isn't now. They need more attention than I can give right now. So in the meantime there is Sadie, my oldest son's dog. A sweetheart, eager to please, smart, obedient and very loyal. She's a great Frisbee dog but prefers balls and those dumbbell shaped toys. More than anything else she is Calvin's dog. When he is gone from the house she lays down right in the middle of the stairs so she can watch for him through the big bay window.She is a mix; Catahoula Hound (also known as a Leopard dog because of the spots) and Australian Shepherd (I think Blue Heeler). She has light blue eyes and her left eye is marbled with a bit of brown on the top. I'll post  pictures of the Pyrs later but here is Sadie:

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  1. Definitely a bit of blue heeler in that dog, in the North they are simply called 'cattle dog' - blue or red