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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Artograph 1520 Spraybooth

So I have been emailing back and forth with Ken and he is willing to replace the cardboard hood for the Artograph 1520 Spraybooth with galvanized steel. I have a couple of modifications that I would like to make if we are going to build a new hood. First would be an interior light, fluorescent is what I'm thinking with a daylight bulb in it. The other idea is to give it a steel mesh floor or maybe just steel strips running across the bottom so that models aren't sitting directly on the filter. A flat surface to rest models on sitting maybe 1/2" above the filters would be ideal I think. The filters aren't exactly flat and this would help keep everything standing upright while airbrushing. Some holes across the top panel would be good too so that I can hang components from hooks when necessary. So here are the front and side images of the booth as it exists now. I cropped them pretty good because my work area is a complete disaster at the moment:

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