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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Painting Competition Selection - Genghis Con

So while at the FLGS tonight, I was able to go through the box of miniatures that I had been throwing to one side the last month or so. I'm down to three miniatures to work on for the painting competition. This year I'll hit three categories; Single Fantasy (all ways the toughest), Single Historical and Single Figure Vignette. With a little concentrated effort I should be ready to go by the convention in February. A little nose the grindstone work which means other things are going to fall by the wayside for a bit. If I do well with these they may well end up as entries at one other con that I go to that would allow winning entries from another convention to be entered in there. Not something usually allowed by trophy/podium judging competitions but not unusual at all for medal competitions where they want to see your very best work. So its prep time. I'll pick out a unit of my Marines to do as well, I need something that doesn't require the same concentration to relax with after working on the competition pieces.

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