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Sunday, August 12, 2012

CMPA Lysette - Rastl World Miniatures - Getting Started

I did manage to get a real live metal casting of Lysette on Saturday. I have cleaned her up and given her and the two Louis XIXs a coat of white primer. I hope to start work on her this week but I haven't decided which French Hussar uniform I want to paint with this first one. Its just nice to finally have this miniature in my hands.

You can purchase Lysette here; Rastl World Minis

First up Louis XIX.5 - sculpted by Jason Wiebe. He is a solid little lump of metal.

 Next is Louis XIX - this one to match this version of Lysette sculpted by Chad Hoverter

 And then Lysette (with sword arm attached but minus the sabretache).

 On the left is the spure with the sword arm and sabretache. On the right is a sabretache ready to be attached. The straps do need to be bent to fit into the right position. There are two rings on her sword belt that the straps need to at least touch. I did a little more filing to thin that portion of the strap so it doesn't create to much of a bump when I glue it on.

Lysette is sculpted to match up with the Perry Miniatures range of Napoleonics.

Now primed up and ready for paint


  1. Houlala, the Emperor should enlist a whole battalion of these. Must link this to the local forum, the guys will go nuts!

    1. Link away! I'm hoping that she will be a popular alternative sculpt for the Napoleonic crowd. I know that the sculptor is currently working on a cavalry version. I'm pretty excited about that one as well. And then there is the Russian artillery crews to check out as well. Make sure you link over to the Rastl World Minis site!