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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reaper's BONES Kickstarter - Final Stretch

This has been the most amazing kickstarter project that I have been involved with. I think the Reaper crew has really out done themselves and I'm hoping that the ultimate goal of bringing the production of the BONES line to TX from China will be realized. In the space of the 34 days of this kickstarter they have kept their audience glued to their screens watching the goals get reach one by one. My friend Talon (you can see a couple pieces of his work on my front page) posted this version of what some 12,000 people have been doing over that last few days.

And today is it. At 4pm MDT (yes, that odd mountain timezone) they will close the books on this one and I fully expect them to clear the $3,000,000 dollar mark for this kickstarter.This will result in the production of at least 3,450,000 (and that's a conservative estimate) plastic BONES miniatures that will be shipped out next spring.

As of this morning this is what the vampire level included:

And here are the Add On Options you can purchase along with the ability to buy extra sets. They are also going to give folks the option to trade in the metal Sophie for $25 of additional options and extras (not for shipping though). I'm not sure why anybody would trade in Sophie but apparently a lot of people are planning on it. Oh and let's not forget not all options can purchase this bunch of stuff you have to be at the vampire or undertaker levels to do this. However, there is another range of options that anyone can purchase. So just keep scrolling down to see those. Reaper is having and end of Kickstarter party at their facility in Denton Tx today, if you are in the area I think it would be a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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    1. Vampire is a great deal for everyone. For international buyers just tack on $25 for shipping. They are already something less than .50 a mini right now. You should get in Fran and force Ray to help you paint them all!