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Monday, August 6, 2012

Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter - Bones

I don't do this very often but this is just to much of a good thing. Reaper Miniatures has developed a line of  unpainted plastic miniatures they call Bones. I have played around with this stuff a little bit and its pretty amazing. Its a bendable white plastic that you can paint directly on to without priming. Don't thin your paints for this (or thin very little) step. After that its like painting any metal/resin miniature. The Bones line is pretty much coming directly from the metal Dark Heaven line (I do see a few miniatures coming from the Warlord Line in there) and there are even some new original sculpts as well. There seems to be little if any loss of detail between the metal and plastic versions.

This kickstarter is designed to get a lot of minis in production and expand the line quickly. Like any injected plastic the upfront costs for the molds are high but the production costs are quite low. Right now the sweet price point is the $100 Vampire level which includes 97 miniatures and there will be 102 if the next couple of stretch goals are met (which seems very likely at this point). Like a lot of kickstarter projects there are some optional extras; A pair of Fire Giants - $10, A pair of Frost Giants - $10, a Dragon for $10, they just revealed a big storage case today as part of one of the stretch goals for $25. If you are into fantasy miniatures and have the need for a bunch of different types as NPCs and Monsters then this one is well worth getting into. Go check it out at: Bones Kickstarter

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