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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Force on Force AAR - Russians vs Chechens

Managed to get my third Force on Force game in. Once again I get to play the irregular forces. On a positive note the Chechens are actually better than the Russian regulars that they are facing. Its still an asymmetrical battle though which puts my partner and I a bit behind the curve. Rob and I are playing against Kirk and Nick this time with Matt running the game. This is a playtest for Tacticon (coming up on Labor Day weekend) so there was a lot of ongoing discussion to make sure it was a good game for both sides.

Turn 1 goes very well for the Chechens as one of Rob's squads lights up a BMP with their RPG and took out a good chunk of the squad and the crew right away. The T80s split each slowly moving down the two main streets to the ministry of defense and the local government buildings. Russian return fire was pretty devastating taking out all but one of the Chechen defenders.

Turn 2 is kind of a stalemate with Chechen units using hot spot movement to shift positions. Two of these moves are key to slowing down the Russian advance. One squad manages a hot spot move into the corner of the streets threatening both the flank of the T80 and the advancing infantry trying to cross the street. Another hot spot move puts a Chechen squad behind the T80, which fires reactively doing considerable damage. The Chechen BMP 1 opens up with its Sagger ATGM  on that T80 but misses. The T80's return fire fails to hit as well.

Turn 3 sees a lot of Russian firepower pouring into the Chechen squad at the corner and with the Chechen returning fire with the RPG at the T80 (as an irregular unit I can't split my fire so my choice is the T80's flank or advancing infantry. I go for the armor, probably a poor choice, and my RPG bounces off. Russian reinforcements start to arrive

Turn 4 sees much the same. Russian reinforcements start to whittle down the Chechens at the corner. BMPs and infantry pour in fire along with the T80 main gun and MGs. The T80 also misses a shot at the BMP again, while the BMP manages to score a hit and immobilize it. The other T80 continues down the street pretty much unimpeded at this point with the Chechen BRDM running for cover. Russian infantry assault the shaken Chechen squad and despite a serious advantage in numbers and firepower is wiped out by the shaken squad.

Turn 5 sees the T80 finally scoring a hit and destroying the Chechen BMP. The other T80 turns the corner and prepares to fire on the last Chechen squad, two RPGs hit it but fail to penetrate the frontal armor. Its return fire is ineffective. Chechen reinforcements finally arrive and fortunately show up in just the right place.

Turn 6 becomes the final turn as we have to clean up before the game can really end. A round of terribly ineffective fire sees more RPGs bounce off the T80s, including shots from the rear and against the top deck. We had a quite a bit of discussion on play balance on this one, it would have been nice to finish it off, but we had a good time with it.

At the start

Turn 1 Results

Turn 2

 Turn 3

Turn 4 and Beyond


  1. That looked like a really fun game. The models were great. Once all those buildings are painted up I think it's going to look amazing. I was sorry I had to leave and couldn't stay and watch.

    1. I think so too. I wanted to offer him the services of my airbrush for the buildings. I could probably finish them all in just a couple of hours using that.

  2. It's great that you've found time to get a game in Kris. The buildings are nice and will look good when painted up.

    1. I figure that if I have the toys at should at least manage to get a game in now and then. If those were my buildings they would already be done! I do have a stack of middle eastern buildings to do. I'm thinking of priming them with gesso to try and make them a bit sturdier.