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Sunday, August 12, 2012

More GZG Miniatures for Traveller: SF15-V02, SF15-V07, SF15-V08, SF15-V09

I have been slowly working my way through the GZG miniatures that I bought during their last sale. This batch of 32 miniatures is the last of them. They are all now painted up and ready for play. I'm a quite a bit happier with this batch than my last batch. These will primarily be NPCs but it looks like there are a few that would make good character minis. These group consists of the following sets from GZG:
SF15-V02 - Unarmed Civilians/Colonists
SF15-V07 - Armed Civilians A
SF15-V08 - Armed Civilians B
SF15-V09 - Armed Civilians C

SF15-V02 - Unarmed Colonists B

SF15-V07 Armed Colonists A

SF15- V08 Armed Colonists B

SF15-V09 Armed Colonists C

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