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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Painting - Lysette - With Clothes!

Well, I didn't add clothes to her but I did get quite a bit down on the clothes she is wearing. I have been painting her up wearing the uniform of the 4th Hussars which wore a green dolman and a red pelisse with black fur trim on the pelisse. I'll probably paint up a couple more in my favorite different French hussar uniforms. Right now I'm just trying to concentrate on getting her finished and ready for the convention. I also have one other entry that I need to finish up for Tacticon as well. Here are the final results of Sunday Painting.

Remember you can purchase Lysette from: Rastl World Minis


  1. So finally, we get to see her! Will she have Louie with her.

    Nicely done Kris.

    1. If there is time after I finish Lysette to get Louie done I will. Otherwise the poor guy is just going to have to wait. Fortunately he is very quite.