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Thursday, December 25, 2014

A few Christmas gifts

Here are two of the presents that I'm most thrilled about. A portable lightbox from my brother and sister in law, and a small TableWar carrying case for my minis. This particular design is sized to fit underneath an airline seat. Its very sturdy and should be perfect for travel.

A portable light box with everything you need in one convenient package. On the left and right side are the compartments for the lights and the small tripod goes in the middle.

This "tripod" had no problem handling my heavy  Nikon D50 with one of my heaviest lenses, my 28-200 zoom.

Everything set up for pictures. I probably wouldn't use my big Nikon with this booth or at least not on this tripod. A smaller point and shoot would be more appropriate.

The smallest case from TableWar. Designed to fit under you airline seat. I opted for the solid front version, but you can get the front in Plexiglas as well.

Some serious hardware on this bad boy

The interior without options. Comes with the draw (which is removable and can be left behind) and two shelves. Slots on the left and right allow you to set the shelf height.

The top also opens up.

These are a few of the options for the trays that fit on the shelves in the box. On the left is a tray designed for minis on 25mm stands, Just add rare earth magnets to the bottoms of your bases and you are ready to go. The plain sheets allow you to bring almost anything along that you can put a magnet on.

And this is how they fit on the shelves and in the case.

Quite a bit of space. I'll be using mine mostly for transporting competition pieces. But small armies would easily fit in here as well. The drawer can hold a chunk of your gaming stuff, or you can leave it behind so there is more space for minis!


  1. I got that same light box for Christmas last year. It has served me very well.

    1. Nice! Glad to know that it will come in useful although it really takes up a lot of space when its all folded out.

  2. Good stuff !
    I've the same light box too but don't use it a lot ...

  3. I'm uncertain about how often I will use it. Its to big to use in my workroom so I can't use it for my quick workbench shots. But, we will see how it goes.

  4. Recommend not placing the lights in the places you show in the photo when taking pictures of miniatures. You'll get nicely lit sides and a dark front. This is one of the most common mistakes made when photographing minis.

    The good news is that if you're using continuous illumination ("hot lights"), you can see what the figure is going to look like in the photo -- just make sure you actually look. 8-)

    1. Yea, I just kind of put everything together for the photo. Mmm, look before I shoot? That might work!

  5. I usually set it up so that I have natural light (a window) on the front of the mini and the lights on the sides as well as above. Of course that means I can only take these pictures during daylight. For workbench shots I don't bother.

    1. Yea, I think I'll only use it for those final beauty shots. I have enough lights to add additional light from any direction without a problem.