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Monday, December 22, 2014

Another Round of Boxcars - Weathering (and finished)

This wraps up my RGS boxcar. My weathering process is never quite the same twice and this particular car gave me difficulties. At one point I decided that I had over weathered it and it was looking decidedly splotchy. Once I was back at my workbench I wiped it down and started over, more or less. Since I used alcohol the initial coat of soot was pretty well fastened down. I tried to keep it a bit lighter the next go around. I'm happier with the outcome but it could be better, but its time to set it aside for now, I might come back to it later but its "good enough" for now.

I'm looking forward to a new product coming out from Fast Tracks for freight car storage and transport. These green Bachmann boxes take a lot of room. Fast Tracks is introducing something they call Freightcrates. They are currently available in HO and N so hopefully they will have On3/30 versions out soon!

Fast Tracks

And now a little photo lineup.

Made quick work of the trucks

Clan slate

Soot down the car side, got a little heavy

Soot on the roof, not quite enough but maybe its always farther back on the train.

Adding some dirt

Adding way to much dirt

These are better, not perfect but better.

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