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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Another Round of Boxcars - Painting

I pulled the airbrush out and my Tru-Scale MOPAC Boxcar Red (TCP-139) (here is a link to my original post about using Tru-Scale: Airbrushing with Tru-Scale paint ) and sat down and went to work. First thing I didn't prep things very well with the paint. I use these little plastic, disposable medical cups to mix paint in. This one had some gunk in it and the acetone loosened it from the bottom and the debris kept clogging my airbrush. I spent far more time cleaning out the clogs than I did actual painting. Note to self always check the cups and, always use a clean one. Acetone is wicked stuff and can damage just about anything, especially plastic, so be careful and have a nice clean area to work in, mine isn't. I see a winter cleaning of the work room coming up along with as many shelfs as I can jam into the remaining clear wall space.

Once I finally got the airbrush operating properly I was able to get the initial paint work on the boxcars done quite quickly. If I was going to apply decals I have a nice glossy surface to work on which is perfect for decals. Since I'm going to be applying dry transfers it really doesn't make a difference. Since I'll be using both I'll leave the glossy finish in place then seal it with Dullcote.

Just a couple of shots from last night. Its hard to take pictures when you are wearing a mask and handling an airbrush, an extra set of hands would have made things easier last night.

Two done, down to the third one. My favorite test bed boxcar.

And here we go, three bright and shiny boxcars. Hard to figure out which one was that awful burnt orange color.

And the underframes

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