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Monday, December 1, 2014

A Side Trip - Roxborough State Park

There are a huge number of tiny little state parks that dot the Colorado landscape. I think roughly 2/3rds of the State is dedicated to either State or Federal Parks. Fortunately we have a lot of room and not many people to fill it with! It was a lovely day and a bit of hooky from work was in order.

Coming into the park and looking south. While its an artsy shot, that's mostly because that's all I could get. It was about 11AM with a low winter sun. Unintentionally cool.

Classic look for the Morrison Sandstone formation that runs along the Front Range

The Dakota Formation another sandstone formation, this is on the east side of the park. The Morrison formation is behind me.

The beginning of a hogback

Baby Hogback, the rock on either side of the "spikes" is eroding away faster. Unfortunately I  won't be around when its finished.

Another shot of the Morrison formation, this time looking from the Dakota formation side

This is a side shot of the Dakota formation once we got up close. This is the same formation seen in the first Dakota Formation photo above.

Another look at the Morrison formation.

Still some snow at Noon in the shadow of the Dakota formation

Dakota formation on the north side of the park

Leaving the park, you can see the Dakota formation stretching into the distance towards Denver. As you get closer to Golden and Boulder you start to see these eroded down to hogbacks.

The Dakota formation Hogbacks between Boulder and Golden looking to the south.

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