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Friday, December 19, 2014

New Clue! - Firefly Edition

If you are an "veteran" follower then you know I collect Clue games. This one hit me on two different levels, first as the newest themed Clue variant and second as one of those fanatical followers of the television series "Firefly". Just couldn't pass it up and this time I was willing to pay full retail for it. Normally I like to wait and get it cheaper on eBay or at a garage sale but since it is a "Firefly" theme that is unlikely to happen. Missing out on the 1st edition of the D&D Clue game taught me that little lesson.

Like many of the newer Clues, this isn't just a simple repackaging of the original Clue game, although it can be played like that. The board has been redesigned and has a number of squares that are marked with "?". Landing on these squares lets you draw an intrigue or rumor card that you may have to play immediately or you can keep and play later. It also contains 8 Reaver cards. When you get to the 8th Reaver card you are removed from the game! The 8th Reaver card is shuffled back into the intrigue deck for the next unfortunate soul to draw. Like Classic Clue there are 6 characters and in this version each has a power they can use once per game. The six characters are; Mal, Jayne, Zoe, Kaylee, Wash and Inara. The weapons are from the game including Jayne's favorite gun, Vera, Mal's six shooter and Wash's Dinosaurs (well one of them anyway). The rooms represent different areas of the Serenity.

That's the basics now here are the pictures (which are not particularly good tonight):



What you get

The interior of Serenity



Room, Weapon and Character Cards

A character "power" card, usable once per game

Intrigue card, available when you land on a square or when you roll a ? (1) on one of the dice

Reaver card from the intrigue deck

This is the kind of card you would rather get from the intrigue deck

Only one of the dice is "special". Guess which one

Pretty normal on this side

The cards you are trying to figure out go here, one each of the weapon, room and character cards.

The pawns, which are a little different from what you normally get.

Punch out the picture (carefully) and insert into the plastic holder

Our six suspects. Which one sold River Tam out to the Alliance? The two missing characters are the doctor (he wouldn't do it he spent the whole season trying to protect her) and Bishop (I guess he has a higher power on his side).

The score sheet for tracking what you know. Don't forget to mark off the cards in your hand!

And the weapons


  1. Interesting. Seems a better adaption than the Miss Fisher Cluedo game I picked up last year. I had to make my open personalised character tokens.

    1. Make your own character tokens? That's just not right! These themed editions in the US are made by USAopoly and they do a nice job on them but they tend to be a bit on the expensive side which is why I usually like to wait till someone is selling of their christmas presents on eBay.