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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Little Research - AWI

This is a time period that I have always been interested in but have never really delved into. Unfortunately this early part of American history is not well taught and I would hazard to guess that most Americans would have no idea that the war lasted 8 years or that the seeds for rebellion were planted during French and Indian War. I have a been trying to make up for my educational lack in that regard.

Since I'm interested in gaming the period my initial purchases reflect that. I had a stray Osprey book on King George's Army, another uniform book by Kiley (which apparently is somewhat in accurate but its probably sufficient for my purposes) and the two Greg Novak books that contain some history as well as orders of battles. While some people really wax poetic about the Novak books, I'm not impressed with the layout. The information is great but the books could be a bit more readable and they are quite expensive for their size. My last one is kind of a light look at clothing of the period, more from the viewpoint of a reenactor.

I have a good list of about 10 books for both a general overview of the period along with some that get more specific. Looking forward to do a little reading!


  1. I have that illustrated encyclopedia uniform book, and while I have not read it, it seemed pretty interesting to flip though. With WGF and Perry both making plastics for this period, and a ton of metals already available, it is certainly wargameable, either as a big battalion game, or as a skirmish setting...

  2. I think that book will be just fine for my purposes. I am going to actually read it as there is quite a bit of information in it, its not just uniform plates. I'm going to try out the WGF plastics first, hopefully those will be arriving this week. I think I will mount the miniatures so I can use them for both skirmish and big battalion. It will just take a small investment in magnets.

  3. I have been toying with the idea of company level gaming for the AWI and for Napoleonics for a while, and I was thinking I would go with a standard 25mm round base, and then a regimental tray base, sort of like the GW war of the Rings ones.

    I was also thinking about going bigger scale game with smaller scale figures and doing the AWI with 10mm figures, but nothing has come of either scheme (yet)

    1. Company level could be interesting. I think I'm still going to mount mine to square 20x20s at this point and do magnetic mounting for larger bases. I wonder if I could get 25mm rounds with a 20mm square cut out of them?