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Monday, February 23, 2015

Even More AWI Books

Over the course of the last week or so the rest of the AWI books arrived. I ordered these based on recommendations on TMP. 

Armies of the American Wars 1755 - 1815, Philip Katcher, 1975
Obviously a used copy

Uniforms of the American Revolution, John Mollo & Malcolm McGregor, 1975
Another used copy
The final used book. This is a compilation of five Osprey books: Washington's Army (1), Washington's Army (2), King George's Army 1740-93 (1), King George's Army 1740-93 (2) and King George's Army 1740-93 (3)

I have flipped through them and there are some nice illustrations and color plates in both books. I'm sure they will be quite useful. One of the previous uniform books (The Illustrated Of Uniforms From 1775 -1783; The American Revolutionary War) I picked up is apparently "riddled with inaccuracies" and is to be avoided. I seriously doubt if the "errors" are significant enough to actually worry about but I am considering trying to cross index uniform descriptions between the different sources and see where there may be actual disagreement on the facts as they are known. Of the three, I'm told, that the Soldiers of the Revolutionary War is based on original research as opposed to the rest that tend to reference back to Lefferts. Once more into the Breach!

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