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Monday, February 16, 2015

More AWI Arrivals

Genghis Con XXXVI is all wrapped up, I'm waiting to get the pictures of the winning entries and I'll post some of them here. During the course of the weekend a few more bits for the AWI project arrived. A book by Harold Peterson; The Book of the Continental Soldier, 1968, which focuses on the equipment of the soldier, along with some uniform styles and organization. No color plates but an interesting guide to equipment and how it was worn. In a separate package from Brookhurst hobbies were a box of Perry Miniature plastic Continentals and a box of Perry Miniature plastic British.

I did a quick comparison between these and Wargames Factory and at least at first glance Wargames Factory look to be a tad bit bigger than the Perry. I'll get a better idea of size once I have assembled a few of them. The Perry Continentals come with 6 sprues of Infantry (5 men per sprue), 2 sprues of Rifleman (2 men per sprue) and a Command Sprue (4 dedicated command minis). There are parts to convert two additional miniatures to go with the command group. That gives you 38 miniatures in the box, 8 more than the Wargames Factory box. That makes me lean more towards using the Perry Miniatures for most of my units but I won't decide till some assembly has been done. The British box has 6 Infantry Sprues (5 men per sprue) and 1 Command Sprue (8 men) but on the command sprue two of the minis are casualties which really only leaves 36 useful miniatures for a unit. Again still more minis than in the Wargames Factory Box.

In adddition to the minis the Perry boxes come with some very useful uniform guides and the one for the Continentals is quite extensive. I'll be crossing check with other sources but on the surface it appears to be an excellent resource.

So here are a few pictures for those of you who are a bit more visually oriented.

I picked this one up used for a good price. Its an ex-library book and in really nice condition.

Riflemen in hunting shirts.

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