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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Southbound UP Coal Train

Its been a while since I have meet up with a train in daylight. This time I had my Nikon in hand and was able to manage a few quick shots that came out pretty good. This is a southbound coal train with three SD70Ms at the head end (UP 4226, 4696 and 3943). I didn't get a real good look but I think it was running light (empty). This was Friday afternoon 2/6/2015.

UP 4226 SD70M

UP 4696 SD70M

UP 3943 SD70M


  1. Headed south empty, this time of year probably means that the cars are gonna be parked in a little used siding until later in the year when the coal market picks back up.

    Just a guess though. :)

    1. I figured this would be the time of year when the coal market would be up!

    2. Not yet. Most are getting along on reserves and buying here and there. April/May is the time when business picks up. The biggest factor for us, is whether or not the South has a hot spring. More air condition, more coal for the power plants. :)

    3. I wasn't aware that hot springs might factor into all of that!