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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reaper's BONES II Kickstarter Fulfillment Starting

One of the last containers being unloaded. I think this is actually into the warehouse across the lot from Reaper's building. They used that for storage as even with the warehouse expansion it won't all fit into the main building.

For those of you that maybe participating in the BONES II; The Return of Mister Bones Kickstarter, from Reaper Miniatures, the last of the containers from China arrived last week. They have spent the past week getting ready to start shipping out backer rewards on Monday (February 9th).

A couple of test runs of the shipping system have been completed successfully so there are a couple of packages actually on the way. You could opt to pick up on site as well and I know there is at least one that has been picked up. Links to the unboxing of that package have been posted in the Reaper forums.

I am in on this but not heavy in fact less than $50 dollars. It ballooned to $75 or so because I agreed to add a couple add ons for a friend. Looking forward to be able to cross this one off the Kickstarter list at this point.

Setting up to start pulling orders.

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