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Friday, February 13, 2015

AWI Packages Arrived

Well after my grumpy blast about my painting block it looks like some retail therapy may have been the cure. Two books and three boxes of minis for my AWI project (although its hard to call it a project just yet) arrived yesterday, courtesy of the War Store and Amazon.

Everything just received a quick glance at this point. I spent the evening over at Genghis Con helping to man the painting room and I probably won't have time for a good look at these till Monday. Still I have to crack open all three boxes, you know just to make sure everything was there. Off the bat these look like really good kits. Its hard to tell before I start some assembly but at first glance they look good, much higher quality than the kits being produced by the original owners of Wargames Factory.

Inside are two sprues of infantry, one command sprue and a sprue of bases. As they say enough for 30 miniatures.

British Infantry Sprue

Like the British box inside are two sprues of infantry, one command sprue and a sprue of bases. Again enough for 30 miniatures.

Continental Infantry Sprue

The mix in this box is a little different. Inside are three sprues of infantry and a sprue of bases. Again enough for 30 miniatures but no command to go with them although there are a couple of horns on the sprues. 

Militia Infantry Sprue

Along with the minis came a copy of The Rebellion by Warlord Games. While I'm not sure if Black Powder will be the ruleset I want to use, the historical information in the book is worth the price of admission. I received a book from Amazon as well; A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution. I think this will be a great companion book to go along with the Greg Novak books. I'm looking forward to digging into this one.

Sorry for the poor picture on this one but its late on Thursday night and I'm not going to re-do it!


  1. Good luck with your project. Looking forward to see the figures all assembled! :-)

    1. I am too! More miniature have arrived to add to the pile.

  2. Kris,
    I'm really looking forward to your opinion of these once they are assembled. I've only bought their Celts and they are very hit or miss, mostly miss.

    1. I believe that the Celts were done doing the Reidy period. These new ones look to be quite a bit better. I may go ahead and assemble a sprue to get a feel for them but I won't do anything serious until after my Reaper competition entries are done.