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Monday, February 9, 2015

Amazon Archers - First Skin Tones

I was checking over the Amazons before I started painting and I noticed that there seemed to be some reactions with the super glue I was using. Most of this occurred behind the quiver and was easy to pick out with a sharp tool. However one had it spread across the armor. This required going in with some acetone to loosen up the glue so I could pick out the debris and recover the detail.

Here you can see how the glue reacted and obscured the detail

Acetone and a sharp tool to recover the detail

Buffed with steel wool to remove the scratches. I then used some white brush primer on this one and let it dry

After I fixed this mini I started on the skin. At this point I don't have to be neat. Mid tone can be applied without fear of getting skintone on clothing. I'm thinking they are a bit pinker than I would like at this point. I then did a first broad highlight, and that helped reduce the pink. Then I decide I wanted a more bronzed skin look so I applied a wash of burnt sienna over the whole miniature with an emphasis on the shadowed areas. So a good start to the skin. At least another evening's work but that may not happen till next week. I started the skin tones because I was working on the skin for one of the minis on the diorama. I figured I would just go ahead and work on skin this evening.
First skin tone applied, this is essentially my mid tone.

First highlight applied

Then a darker wash of a burnt sienna. By applying the highlight first I "modulated" the skintones. After this I'll go in and start working the skin tones up again and probably deepen the shadows.


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    1. I have made better progress on these than I thought I would over the last few weeks. One convention is over this weekend so I can take some time to work on a more relaxing project.