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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kickstarter Loot - Hanger 18 Modern PInup Miniatures Bawidamann Style!

I haven't participated in a lot of new Kickstarters and currently everything on my list is in progress on way or another. I have passed up a couple that I was very interested in then decided not to participate. I'm a bit tired of waiting for merchandise, so I'm getting a bit more picky about what I back.

The Hanger 18 Kickstarter was originally set to deliver in July 2014 so needless to say they are a little late. However, since I was more up close and personal with this one I know about all the difficulties that they were running in to getting their minis produced. Mine were hand delivered to me yesterday at our regular 2nd Saturday CMPA painting workshop. I'm completely blown away by the quality of the sculpts. These were well worth the wait.

I was in for a mousepad, a photo backdrop and a three pack of 54mm minis. I added on the Tiger Madchen bust (1/20th scale and probably more properly the Tiger Fraulein, since she is definitely not a little girl!). I also received the Flying Tiger Mascot as a freebie, I'm not quite sure what to do with it! You can expect to see the photo backdrop used in a lot of my future photos. At least that's the plan right now.

I took some photos today (sort of using the new backdrop) for everyone to check out. I also grabbed some photos of either the completed models or the 3D renders so you can see how its supposed to go together. I'm really looking forward to painting these.

Misty Grey Photo Backdrop. This is an A2 size (about 16 1/2" by 23 3/8")

While I didn't actually order the Cosmonaut Mini, I did decide to have her on my new moustpad.

Bubble wrap packages, allegedly containing miniatures

The Flying Tiger Mascot.

The Tiger Madchen Bust

and with a quarter to get a better sense of scale. I'm seriously considering getting this one finished in time for ReaperCon. We will see.

A finished version of Death From Above

My version of Death from Above

Will need a little prep work, but mold lines are light but there are definitely some chunky bits where the casting channels  are.

Now that's a set of legs. There is a bit of marbling where the resin mixed in unequal quantities. It didn't affect the quality of the casting though.

Hot Rounds, 3D Render

Hot Rounds on the sprue. Note that there is an alternate version of the head without the shooting glasses

Specialty Girl, 3D Render

Terrain pieces for Specialty Girl. I'll have to go back to the original artwork and see how this is suppose to go together. I don't ever remember seeing a picture of her with the terrain. Hopefully there is something on the artist's site.

The pieces for specialty girl. One of the straps has broken. Not to surprising with something that thin in resin. Should be an easy fix.

Three head options for this one!

Most of the body is one piece on this one. One joint at the hip and then at both elbows.


  1. Very Nice, I was wondering the same thing about the scenery for Specialty Girl. I started to look for references last night but was unable to fine one. My first thought was the barrel on its side and her sitting in the indentation kinda sidesaddle.

    1. I haven't found any either. I should just breakdown and ask them how they think its suppose to go together..