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Sunday, April 19, 2015

ReaperCon Competition Minis - In Progress

Its been at least a week since I have posted anything but I have been busy! A while ago a I posted what I needed to get done in two months for ReaperCon. After an intensive weekend of painting I have moved closer to some of my goals and farther away from others.

The "Steady Lads" diorama (which has a fair number of posts dedicated to it) is moving towards completion, pretty much on schedule. The base is nearing completion. It needs some glazes of dark blue and yellow to complete the lighting affect and the posters need to fastened to the walls. The minis are essentially complete, the only one that might need some more work is a secondary piece that doesn't need much work.

The Colonel

The Sergeant

The Private (still not sure if I'll be using him or not)

Alien Tracker

Alien Gunner

The "Shopping II" diorama is also moving right along. The minis will be finished either today or tomorrow, depends on the amount of work I get done this evening. The base itself hasn't been started but I was planning on dedicating this week to basing anyway and I have the critical component and have been working on the modifications to it. Since the viewing angle is going to be more controlled in this one there are things I can shortcut without a problem so it should be ready.

Black Marketeer 1

Black Marketeer 2

The shoppers. The mini on the far left will become my single entry. She was originally painted for LAF, but I've decided to upgrade her for ReaperCon 

My alien single mini entry just hit the stripper bath today. She might make it still and I will keep working on the base for her just in case. I do have a back up single mini entry and I have been working on her today. She definitely will be ready, however, its a Hasslefree mini which means I won't be meeting one of my goals of having a Reaper piece up for serious Sophie Trophy consideration.

My vehicle entry, the Rolls Royce Armored Car (the Bulletproof Ghost) is finished and I just need to finish the base which consists of adding static grass and maybe a couple of grass tufts. The base needs a coat of Danish oil but that can wait till everything else has been applied.
The Bulletproof Ghost

So progress has been made!


  1. Great additions to the completed pile. Love them all but in particular the black marketeers stand out nicely.

    1. Thanks Simon! Those two really came together for me, nice Kev White sculpts and easy to paint.