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Saturday, April 25, 2015

ReaperCon Competition Minis - Changing the Approach

I finally was able to sit down and do so work on the Shopping II Diorama again. I had done some work early this week on it and I had to scrap the first idea because I couldn't find my front faced mirrors. So much for the shadow box effort. But that did mean that I had to put something together pretty quick tonight. The basic shell is finished, now I need to lay down something that looks like concrete for the ground and put in some details to finish it off a bit. I'll try and wrap up all the painting tomorrow.

Here is where I ended tonight.

I backed up the plastic brick with basswood to provide some extra strength. It does have to travel to Texas in a few days.

The back side of the shell. Trying to keep everything nice and smooth. This will end up just being painted black

Found a dumpster to add a bit of interest. My black market guys will be setup in the back corner. I'm thinking a steel ladder would add a nice touch to the whole thing.

Now the base is cut and fitted. The idea here is to add as many angles as I can to break up all the straight lines.

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