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Sunday, April 26, 2015

ReaperCon Competition Minis - Shopping II Details

It never seems to matter how long in advance I plan or start painting everything still seems to come down to those last few desperate days before the convention. Every year I swear I will do better, and this year I actually did do a little better but there is still some definite room for improvement.

Tonight I finished off the details for  "Shopping II" and started the assembly process. Everything is in place but the final three minis that still need to have their weapons painted and a few touch ups done.  I haven't even started the final assembly for Steady Lads, but everything is mostly finished. I need to add the glass to the windows, the posters to the walls and glaze in some more colors to the sidewalk. All of the main miniatures for this are done, only the lady in the window needs a little work yet and she is secondary and is more of an easter egg than anything else. I'm confident I can do the final assembly for this one quite quickly. After that I'm still trying to a get a single entry in. I think I'm going to scrap the basing plans I was going to work with and go with a base I already have done.

I'm quite please with the reboot of "Shopping II". This base didn't even exist until Friday night.

I was so heads down today that I forgot to take any pictures till I got to this point.

Picking out the details a bit

Other elements for the base

Things are a bit tighter than I was thinking, but generally smaller is better.

Decided that I needed something on the vast expanse of brick. This came out pretty well, next time I will remember to do graffiti when the walls are flat. I wanted to go kind of wild once this came out so well, but I just really couldn't get the brush in there.

All the secondary elements in place along with our black market guys.

A bit of a close up. I managed to hide his face in this shot, I'll try and get a better shot tomorrow. Or maybe not, I'm don't like to put finished competition pieces up until after the show.


  1. Looking great. How did you do the pavements? I am working on a test base of my own (drywall filler and ink), but yours look quite nice.

    1. Mostly a happy accident. The front sidewalk is by Bar Mills Models and is out of their S Gauge sidewalk pack. The rest is actually matte board that I sanded down to get a bit of a slope for the center drain. I used a dull knife to make the expansion joints. The rest is all paint work, it really came together when I used Secret Weapon's sewer wash along the drain, sidewalk and in the expansion cracks. The rest was a layers of paint from Reaper; dirty concrete, aged bone and polished bone (starting dark and going light) then the wash (very controlled).

  2. Sanded matte board! Would never have guessed.

    The secret weapon wash looks good, and the paint layering is very good... I may have to try that out if I do not like the results I get from my experiment.

    1. I know, who would of thought. I was just trying scrap stuff on my work bench to bring the back area up to the level of the sidewalk. 2 layers of matte board was a bit high so I started to sand it down and it worked. I think I painted it twice till I got it to look right, the sewer wash really pulled everything together.