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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Painting the Trenchworx WWI Rolls-Royce Armored Car - Weathering

Yesterday evening I applied the first wash, working into panel lines and around protrusions. I let that dry overnight and sat to do more work tonight. I worked in some rust and then using the airbrush to apply an initial layer of dust across the upper surfaces. I have applied the first layer of pigment dust as well. I need to let things set a bit and work it into the surface a bit more. Then we will see how it looks and where I need to take it from there. So there are a fair number of pictures tonight from the different steps I have taken over the last few work sessions.

Dark brown wash using an enamel product from AK

Working in the rust. I used a water soluble oil paint, Burnt Umber in this case.

And the using Tamiya Buff I applied a light dust across the upper surfaces.

The first application of pigments. They need to dry before I can really see if I need to do more or strip them out.


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    1. Thanks Ray! Its getting there, now I need to be sure not to screw it up again!