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Monday, April 6, 2015

Shopping II - Painting on the Minis

My intention this weekend was to finish the Rolls Royce Armored Car. I gathered all my materials together and loaded everything up. Upon arrival, while I have everything I needed to work on the Rolls, I didn't actually bring the model with me. Fortunately I never go anywhere with out my minis at this point. I debated a bit and then decided I should start on the minis for the Shopping II diorama.
Early last week I found the vehicle I want to use and I spent sometime modifying that and getting it ready for painting. However, the minis have been primed and ready for paint for some time so I decided I would spend my weekend painting time on them.

I have shown some pictures of these five Hasslefree minis in some previous posts but there is where I got them to over the weekend.

First up the Sellers:
These two fine gentleman will be peddling their wares. All strictly legal of course. Looks like my lights washed out the skin tones a bit.
Followed by the Buyers:
They have a little hazardous duty pay to part with. I need to redo the eyes on the mini on the right. They got away from  me. I tried to fix them but I ended up putting a layer of skin of them and I'll go in and do them again.

I'm keeping the palette really simple on these and the minis are sharing a lot of the same colors. I'm trying to give the guys a bit of an ex-military look to them and so far I'm pretty happy with how they are coming out. So far so good, now if I could just figure out where I set my single painter entry I would be happy.

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