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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Painting the Trenchworx WWI Rolls-Royce Armored Car - Filter and Sealer

Since I forgot to bring it with me over the weekend the Rolls is a bit behind where I hoped it would be at this point. I applied a filter to help pull all the colors together a bit more and this time I went in and applied a base of hull red to the leaf springs as a base for some rust work. I also did some chipping again, remember not all foam packing material is created equal! One bit of foam from a pack of miniatures was just to coarse but the foam from a pack of Freebooter miniatures was just right. After the chipping was done I applied the semi-gloss or satin finish. This will help protect the acrylic paint from the enamel paint that I'm going to apply in the next step. This finish enhances the capillary action of the washes. On a matte finish washes tend to spread wide instead of following along the seams. This finish needs a good 12 hours to dry, even in my climate so that was all I could do for the evening.

I think that I'm glad that I had to strip this one. I'm much happier with the overall look. Still going to skip the splattered mud effect though!

The tires with an initial coat of dust also received a spray of semi-gloss.

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