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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lord of the Rings Chess Set

I was rummaging through boxes and I came across one filled with a chess set that was given to me by my Dad a long time ago, maybe upwards of 20 years. Its cast in a very light resin and it has a very definite hand carved look to it. I haven't looked really close but there are no obvious mold lines, but a single piece mold for some of the pieces doesn't make much sense. I'll have to take a better look and see what I'm missing there. I have done a little research through Google but I can't find anything quite like this one. I'm sure it was not an officially licensed product by any means. While I play chess it was never a big priority for me so this set languished, unpainted, in a box for years now. I'm going paint it but I'm unsure of the approach right now. Also if anyone has seen this before and knows who the manufacturer was I would love to know, there are no markings anywhere that I can find.

The Good Side (white). The Bishops are obviously Gandolf and of course the Knights are Eagles with some kind of rider. Not quite sure who the King and Queen are suppose to be, I suppose Aragorn and Arwen.

Hobbit pawns!

The Evil Side (Black). Again the bishops are definitely Saruman, and the knights are mounted Nazgul. It looks like the empty throne with the lidless eye is Sauron and the witchking is the queen.

Orcs for pawns. These remind me of the old Heritage "Snaga" Orcs

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