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Monday, March 13, 2017

Renovations - Back Bedroom

Yet another in a long series of renovations that has slowed my painting and gaming down to a crawl. This is the smallest bedroom of the three in the house. I had tackled the front bedroom first simply because it was empty at the time. This bedroom occupies the southeast corner of the house and is one of the brightest rooms inside. Although I would still kill for some overhead lighting. For some reason builders just decided to dispense with overhead lights during the period when this house was built in the '80s. I think they should be forced to live in these houses after making such a decision!

It didn't occur to me to take any pictures till we were almost finished with the floor. At this point the walls and ceiling have been painted and we are getting to the end with the floor. This room measures about 12' x 14' with two small closets that bracket the only window. A window which has a magnificent view of the side of the house next door. Nothing quite like suburban tract housing!

The door will definitely be replaced, but that is something I'll probably put off for a while yet. The blue dresser is from my childhood. My mom bought it at an unfinished furniture store and painted it up for me. The stickers are all my work!

The unfinished corner. Note that nice view of my thumb.

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