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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Werner Kortenhaus - The Combat History of the 21. Panzer Division

I have been hemming and hawing over purchasing this book for a couple of months now. I had some unexpected funds show up in the bank account and I decided to splurge on this one. I do have the 21st Panzer Division by Jean-Claude Perrigault but I have always been disappointed with it. First its primarily in French which I was unaware of when I purchased it from Amazon. I'm pretty convinced that most of the French was not actually translated in the English sections. I don't read French so I can't prove it but the information when presented in English probably only takes up 25% of the book. This one by Kortenhaus is at least fully translated and it has a separate map book! What wargamer doesn't love a map book?

Unlike the Perrigault history Kortenhaus only writes about the division's history in Normandy. With my interest peaking again in WWII skirmish combat this suits me just fine. Plus I have plenty of information on the 21st in North Africa already. This book focuses on the 21st in Normandy but it does include information on supporting formations both directly and indirectly. While I have only begun to dig into this weighty tome, I'm very happy that I decided to add it to the library. It should prove to be an invaluable reference book for Normandy projects.